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The ABC of Stress Management

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Dealing with Stress
Stress in Your Life
How to Cope with Stress
Stress at Work
Stressfull Environment
Effects of Living under Stress


Stress Management

We are all aware of the negative impact that stress has on our lives ranging from an increase in heart disease to blood pressure issues to sleeping and eating disorders.

But what if, just what if, we could change this around?

Jason specialises in helping people manage the stress in their lives.
We do not live in a bubble or vacuum and therefore we know that to say we can annihilate stress in our lives is a “pie in the sky” thought.
What we can do is learn a healthier way of coping.

Jason will teach you how to change your attitude and perspective to stress as well as giving you easy step by step methods of taking back control of your life.

With his program sub titled “The ABC of Stress Management" Jason breaks down his method of Stress Management into the 26 steps.
The short video’s (links below) here tours on each of these 26 perspectives, for in depth details you will need to either get Jason’s book or attend one of his workshops which are filled with take home value.

Please email Jason to find out what he can do for you and your company.

Jason Sandler Speaker Extraordinary dealing in how we cope with stress.


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